Friday, May 28, 2010

Lesson #19 (Dairy)

Productos Lácteos

Try and not use any English. Instead repeat yourself, and use body language to help your children understand what you are saying. You do not want them to become accustomed to ignoring the Spanish directions, and waiting for the English translation. I have added the English translation, for anyone who is trying to learn Spanish along with their children. To hear the translation, highlight the orange text and click the button in the upper left hand of the screen.

Opening Exercises:

First have the children sit in a semi-circle on the floor.

"Sientete, por favor. Es tiempo para clase."
"Sit down please. It is time for class."

"Thank you."

Using the poster from lesson #8, ask the children to describe today's weather.

¿Qué tiempo hace, hoy?
What is the weather today?

El tiempo hace _____.
The weather is _____.

Question of the Week
Ask one child at a time:

¿Cómo se dice _____ en español?
How do you say ____ in spanish?

The children answer:

The correct word.

"Muy bien. Sientente, por favor."
Very good. Sit down, please.

Repeat this activity with each child.

Spanish Review Activity

Spanish Video Suggestions:
Muzzy I: Vocabulary Lesson #24
Muzzy II: Part 1 scene 5
Kids Love Spanish: DVD #4
You Tube Video:

Spanish Vocabulary Words: Try to use pictures and body language, rather than translate in English. (You may add more words, or use less words.) Only spend 5-10 minutes introducing the new vocabulary. The activities will help the children learn the new words and their meaning.

beber (to drink)
una bebida (a drink)

la leche (milk)

la crema (cream)

el helado (ice cream)
la mantequilla (butter)
el queso (cheese)
el requesón (cottage cheese)
el yogur (yogurt)

Spanish Learning Activities: Play as many rounds as you (and the children) would like to play.

Verb Hopscotch: Draw a hopscotch pattern.  Instead of filling the boxes in with numbers, fill them in with the spanish tenses (Yo, Tu, El, Ella, Usted, Nosotros, Vosotros, Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes.)  Have the children play hopscotch by tossing a hoppy taw into the designated box.  As they hop on each square have them conjugate this weeks verb: Beber (bebo, bebes, bebe, bebemos, beben)

A taste of dairy foods:  As you introduce the dairy foods, give the children a sample of each food. 

Visit a dairy:  Take a field trip to a dairy.  You may even be able to help milk las vacas (cows!)

¿Dondé esta ____?: Hide either clip art or pretend food  (from the vocabulary list) under 3 different cups.  Move the cups around (like a magician)  Ask the children where _____ is.  When they find the correct food, replace that food with a new item.

Suggested Spanish Worksheets:

Muzzy I Workbook: page 10
Muzzy II Workbook: Book 1: page 15
Internet Downloads: Dairy Foods

Closing Exercises:  Review the vocabulary words for the week. Hang them where the family can see them. Remember to use these words throughout the week.

Suggested Spanish Book: